Website Checklist


[ ] Specify functional requirements, if any:


  • What do you want the site to do? (with Priority Level A, B, or C next to each item or activity)
  • Who will be the end user/s? (define the different types of users, e.g. anonymous, logged-in, bloggers, and administrators)
  • What types of data entry will be needed? (define in as much detail as possible)
  • What types of interactive elements will be required? (typical features include calendars, blogs, image galleries, private messaging, shopping cart/checkout, etc.)


[ ] Gather list of 5-7 websites you like the look-and-feel of, and why

[ ] Name of organization or project:
[ ] Main contact person including best contact information (e.g. phone number + e-mail) :

[ ] Description (a one-sentence description of the organization):
[ ] Keywords (5-7 key phrases/words words that relate to the organization’s focus):
[ ] Motto or Slogan, if any
[ ] Mission Statement, if any



[ ] TO e-mail (which e-mail receives messages from general contact form?):

[ ] General list of e-mail addresses desired e.g. info@, support@

[ ] Gather logos, stock photography, additional documents, if any


There are three parts to your website:

  • the domain name (the part),
  • the hosting (the actual physical machine where your website “lives”),
  • and the files (the pages, images, files, coding, and database that are the bulk of your website)

[ ] Hosting/domain information. If you do not have this information, we will work with you to determine the best options
[ ] Domain account access (registrar/user/pass) – we recommend you purchase a domain for 5 – 10 years to ensure access
Call-in PIN, if any:

(We offer for smaller sites)

[ ] Do you have Data that needs to be imported? If so, please prepare in .CSV format

[ ] Hosting account access:
Call-in PIN, if any:

(We require hosting from, the SH-100 or SH-200 plan is usually sufficient)

[ ] FTP access, typically you can find or setup an FTP account in your hosting control panel
FTP address: (usually

[ ] Nameservers, if known

[ ] account. Sign up for an account and provide us with:

Snippet of tracking code (provided by Analytics): (begins with UA- )



[ ] MySQL database access
Database location: (localhost or a numbered address)
Database Username:
Database Password:

[ ] Confidentiality agreement, if required
[ ] Final proposal reviewed

[ ] Deposit payment made




Phase 1- Analysis and Planning


E-commerce needed?

[ ] PAYPAL e-mail
[ ] information, if needed

OPTIONAL [ ] Merchant/credit card account access, if any (user/pass)

[ ] Security Certificate purchased, if needed



Customer Relationship Management needed?

[ ] What types of customers?
[ ] What types of fields will be collected?
[ ] What actions will be performed on users (e.g. phone calls, e-mails, newsletters?)



Phase 2 – Design/Editorial

[ ] Color and preferences of 5-7 other sites you like? Why?
[ ] Sample Design Concept comparable/s created
[ ] Designs delivered for your review
[ ] One round of redesign on your chosen design
[ ] Sign off on final design
[ ] Content finalized for launch and received from you (e.g. 5-10 pages such as About Us, FAQs, How it Works, or list of products)



Phase 3 – Implementation/Build

[ ] Initial version of website installed

[ ] Functional modules added, if needed
[ ] First round of content integrated
[ ] Form development, if any
[ ] Functional revisions, if needed (provide new prioritized list)
[ ] Quarantine – no new revisions during test



Phase 4 – Themeing

[ ] Finetune styling
[ ] Check buttons, forms, photos, slideshows, functional elements
[ ] Test Browser Functionality Round 1: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari



Phase 5 – Testing, Quality Control, and Launch

[ ] Beta Testing
[ ] Make Beta Testing Changes
[ ] Alpha Testing
[ ] Make Alpha Testing Changes

[ ] Test Browser Functionality Round 2: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

[ ] For REDESIGNS: Map Old Site pages to matching New Site pages

[ ] Launch – website pushed live





Closeout and Training

[ ] Training via phone, video, and written documentation
[ ] Keywords finetuning, as needed
[ ] Sitemap submitted to Google
[ ] Search engine optimization: testing 8 weeks post-launch

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