Pricing Estimator

We created this pricing estimator to show how we work up a quote on typical jobs.

We act as your technology and strategic partner in terms of getting the website to contribute to your success. We reward intensive preparation, planning, and a clear understanding of the overall objectives and goals of your desired website by giving you a lower price estimate -- see our rewards section below.

Describe the nature of your website

I have some very basic informational content that I need to put up such as an "about us" page and a contact page, and I need the ability to add new content later.

I have some dynamic content and I would like to be able to access standard content of my pages (such as the ability to add/edit menus, add/edit pages, event calendar, announcements section, image gallery, and a board/staff list).

I will have predominantly dynamic content (such as a members-only login/pass section, a directory of users, the requirement to collect dues, an ability to upload and download files, along with any of the above).

This is a completely customized site with complex functionality that I've specified out (special tasks such as e-commerce/shopping cart, mapping integration, product details/zoom, complex user community needs, flagging, wishlists, user points, private messaging, affiliate tracking, video integration, along with any of the above).

This is a unique, full-featured, custom-built site with complex functionality including, but not limited to "marketplace" functions (where vendors may use the platform to sell their own product or service) or membership community support with different dues-paying members and access to members-only content. It may also include additional tasks in the "Full-Featured" section above.

Is this a redesign of an existing site?

This is a totally new website or my existing site has less than 20 pages.
This is a redesign: my existing website is around 2 years old or has approximately 25 pages.
This is a redesign: my existing website is around 3 years old or has approximately 50 pages.
This is a redesign: my existing website is around 4 years old or has approximately 100 pages.
This is a complete overhaul and redesign: my existing website is around 5 years old or has approximately 500+ pages.

Content pages for your website

Typically, a new website has five to seven types of content: we consider these different functional elements like: Basic Pages, Blog entries, Events, Products for Sale, etc. Organize your content by these content types, for example:
  • Home, About, Mission/Vision/Values = Basic Page Content
  • Blogs = Blog Content
  • Testimonials = Testimonial Content
  • Products = Product Content
  • Downloads = Document Library Content
  • Newsletters = Newsletter Content
About how many unique pieces of content do you need for launch (for example, 3 blog posts + 5 events + 8 informational pages = 16 unique pages)

Note: you may add unlimited new content after the site is installed.

Editorial Assistance

Do you need editorial assistance with your page content?

For example, do you have all pages prepared and ready to go, or do you need assistance in spellchecking, proofreading, or creating page content?

Yes, I need help creating my page content.
No, my page content is ready to go in text format with each page's title, text, and images clearly laid out.

Tell us about your design needs

I already have a web design or web template, I just need to put it into HTML format
I only need minimal changes to the topbar image to brand my site -or- I will choose an existing out-of-the-box downloadable theme.
I need one professional, clean, custom site design that highlights my products or services
I need two professional, clean, custom site designs so I may choose one that highlights my products or services
I need a more customized design process to create special features such as frontpage images, sound, or animation, such as an introduction page, an animated top section, or a montage/slideshow
I need three or more professional, clean high-end designs for my homepage and secondary content pages.

Graphic Design: Photos, Logos, Images

Which best describes your situation?

I am looking for assistance in creating a logo or getting product, location, or stock photography.
I have a logo or product, location, or stock photography ready.

Online Payments

Will you accept credit card payments, donations, or subscriptions online?
No, I do not need to accept donations or payments through the website at this time.
I only need a few static buttons to link to PayPal, with no need for a site-wide shopping cart or customer/order records.
Yes, I need to add a shopping cart and accept credit cards through a third-party service like PayPal.
Yes, I need enable a shopping cart and accept credit cards through PayPal, and also add a security certificate to securely accept credit cards directly on my website.

Domains and hosting

We offer domains at
Hosting is through
I need you to help me find a domain name ( and hosting.
I have a domain name but need hosting.
I already have my domain name and hosting provider set up: I just need to get the website going.
We have our own server and will host the site on our own machine.

Customer Relationship Management

Do you require a customer relationship management system to keep track of all contact information including e-mails, meetings, mailings, phone calls, contributions, and/or membership dues?

Yes (Full-featured Customer Relationship Management needed)
Basic (A default E-newsletter e.g. MailChimp with subscribe capability and some basic Profile Contact information like First Name, Last Name, Address, Notes)
None (No customer management required)

Additional Special Considerations

Choose all that apply

Green, eco-friendly, or sustainable organization - you have a way to measure how you are "going green"
Majority women-owned business or women-led organization
This is a trade group, membership organization, or dues-paying association
The project actively increases entrepreneurship education for women
The project actively increases the health and safety of women/children/families
The project increases engagement and participation in music, film, or the arts
The project increases civic or political involvement
The organization has a Cornell University or San Francisco State University connection (staff, executive, or web liaison)
Veteran-owned or veteran-serving business or organization
Minority-owned or minority-serving, such as Asian American, African American, Latino, or Native American/Hawaiian
The project has a focus on California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Oregon, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington, or is based in these states
The project or organization has an educational or teaching component
The project or organization has a community-building focus, where a user signs in with a username and password to update content, pay dues, or offer a directory-type listing


Because so much of the website development process requires organization and tenacity, we offer significantly reduced fees for each of the items below.

If you are motivated, prepared, and planning for your website's success in advance, these rewards are for you.

I have a document that specifies the data entry forms I require for the website launch, in as much detail as possible.
For example:
  • a "Calendar Entry Form" requires Title (required), Image, Description, Start Date, End Date
  • a "Product Data Entry Form" has a Category (required), Title (required), Description, Sell Price, SKU, and Product image
  • a "Member Data Entry Form" has a First Name, Last Name, Photo, City, State, and Zip code

I have a document that specifies what kinds of front-end displays required for the website launch, in as much detail as possible.
For example:
  • a "Product View" may be displayed by Category, by Price, and by Newest added, in a grid format
  • a "User Directory" may be displayed in a table with fields including Picture, Last Name, First Name, City, State, and more details link
  • A "Calendar of Events" displays in both a calendar and list style with titles of events that link to the large description

I have a document that specifies what kinds of reporting I require for the website launch, in as much detail as possible.
For example:
  • a "Customer Report" is a list of all orders sortable by Last Name, Date, Shipping State, or Total Amount, only visible to Administrators
  • a "User Report" may show a directory listing sortable by Date Joined or Last Name, visible to Administrators and Members
  • a "Incoming Requests Report" may show all potential applicants, the date they applied, and their current status, visible to Coordinator and Administrators

I have reviewed and completed PART A of the 10K Webdesign Check List, and it is in a Google Doc or ready to be e-mailed.

I have reviewed and completed PART B of the 10K Webdesign Check List, and it is in a Google Doc or ready to be e-mailed.

One-Time Fee

10K Webdesign charges a one-time fixed fee and 90% of our clients (see samples) maintain their own website after the launch. Our back-end administration tools are easy-to-use for anyone with basic knowledge of web-based data entry forms.

We recommend an annual maintenance plan for security updates and site "touchups" after the launch of your website.

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