Making a Positive Difference

Our principals have been creating websites since 1999, and started the 10K Webdesign consulting practice in Oakland, California in 2004.  We currently work for organizations focused on environmental sustainability, economic justice, and entrepreneurship: typically government, public agencies, trade associations, non-profits, & startups.

Our team primarily works on the Drupal platform for more complex sites and WordPress for more basic sites.

We are able to help you set up your website to do activities such as: collecting dues for access (i.e. subscription-based membership website), e-commerce (digital or physical products), calendar of events, member-access “group discussions,” blogs, announcements/news, press releases, mappable locations, competition entries and reviews, and more.

Our team hope and focus is to build community, foster connectedness, and use our technical & management skills to make a better world.

Our founders believe each of us has an ability and obligation to use our knowledge, ideas, & talents to advance fairness, justice, safety, health, sustainability, & wellbeing.

10K Webdesign works on projects in sustainability, social justice, diversity, entrepreneurship, education, & science/tech for positive social change.

You’ll find Monica Flores as a contributing writer and editor at Vistage and Women on Business and has written three trade publications: 30 Steps to Starting your Green Business, Social Networking for Women in Business, and 51 Ways to Build your Community of Clients Online. She teaches courses for the Nonprofit Technology Professional certificate by NTEN, including courses on “Good Data Practices” as well as “Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion”.

You’ll find Genesis Lodise as a staff director for digital products at a global entrepreneurship organization, and also as a fiction writer at .

10K Webdesign is interested in connecting with you if you’re committed to making a measurable positive difference . Please  reach out through our contact form if there is a project you’d like to discuss.