10K Group LLC began in Oakland, California in 2004 as a vehicle for founders Monica S. Flores and Genesis Lodise to engage with community-building, strategic analysis, and website and print design.

Since then we have continued to work in the field of digital platform development by using technology to strengthen online engagement with real-world communities such as membership groups, trade associations, and government constituencies.

Out of our initial founding, we’ve developed other tools, platforms, and publications, including 10K Webdesign, 10K Hosting, A Successful Woman, STEM Daisies, Women in Social Enterprise, FemaleFounders.network, and Make a Positive Difference. We’ve also partnered with other teams and groups to build tools that support environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship and social enterprise, and education.

The 10K Team has partnered with a team of designers, coders, and project managers to work primarily with projects and programs that build community, foster a feeling of connectedness, and aspire to make the world a better place.

Each of us has the ability to make a positive difference. If your project-in-development is focused on creating safe and nurturing communities, seeks unity within diversity, cultivates strength through shared responsibility, and/or focuses on health and well being, reach out for a quote! We look forward to supporting your success.

10K Group LLC is a domestic limited liability company registered in the State of Delaware. FEIN available upon request.

December 21, 2004
Incorporated in Oakland, California (filing)

Our first iteration of the website 

September 28, 2007
Registered in the State of Hawaii certificate)



Registered in the State of Delaware (filing)