About Us

10K Webdesign is a full-service web design and development firm founded in 2004 to support green businesses, progressive organizations, and multicultural women entrepreneurs. Our principals have launched 240+ website projects for organizations, teams, and individuals in multiple verticals, with a unique focus on supporting groups such as membership associations, online networks, and women-supporting, women-led organizations.


  • To build community
  • To foster a feeling of connectedness
  • To use our skills to create a better world

10K supports fair trade, organic, holistic, sustainable, green, and creative businesses.


  • We focus on results.
  • We believe in the “triple bottom line” that supports people, planet, and profits.
  • We support the long-term growth and stability of our customers.
  • We are committed to our clients’ success.




Types of Clients

  • Healthcare, education, and social entrepreneurship companies
  • Public agencies
  • National, state and local nonprofits
  • Membership organizations
  • E-commerce vendors

Technologies include Content Management Systems, Drupal, HTML, CSS, PHP/mySQL, LAMP, and custom web development.

We are committed to environmental and social responsibility, sustainability, and fostering respect and care.

Areas of Interest

* women, children, and families
* education
* music, film, and the arts
* environmental sustainability and green business
* civic and political involvement
* entrepreneurship education for women



Operating Principles

  1. To create a more compassionate world.
  2. To practice honesty in business.
  3. To help like-minded people network, support, and empower one another.
  4. To make a fair profit.
  5. To retain our integrity in supporting social justice, environmental sustainability, and a safe, just, cooperative society.

We are confident you’ll enjoy working with us as much as all of our clients.

Contact us about your project or idea. We look forward to hearing from you!



Principals Monica S. Flores and Genesis Lodise specialize in creating websites that build community and foster a feeling of connectedness. With a combined 35 years of experience, they and their larger team have a strong commitment to clients’ success, with a focus on measurable results.



By the Numbers

  • 10K Group LLC has been in business since 2004
  • Combined hours of web design and development (principals): 47,000+
  • Websites encoded: 250+
  • Typical number of design concepts: Three (includes revision rounds)
  • Average number of pages for a brand new startup site: 18 pages
  • Average number of pages per redesign: 125 pages
  • Average number of products needed to launch an e-store: 25 items
  • Average time to create a full-featured, highly complex Drupal website: 175 hours
  • Average time to create a standard informational website: 55 hours